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Pointe Shoe Fitting

Pointe Shoe Fitting

Dales Dance students took a group trip to Planet Dance for their first ever pairs of demi-pointes and pointe shoes.

Our Grade 5, 6 and Advanced ballet students took a trip to Planet Dance, Batley in the half-term holidays to get their first pairs of demi-pointe shoes or to get fresh pairs of pointe shoes for our more experienced dancers. We had a great time at the professional fitting and browsing their gorgeous dancewear.

It is so important for the girls' safety and development that time is taken to ensure the shoes are fitted to their specific foot shape and strength. For our students just beginning their pointe shoe journey, they received their demi-pointe shoes - a half-way shoe between flats and pointes which allows their feet to build strength and stability before standing on their toes!

We topped off the visit with pizza with the students and their families - what more could you ask for?!

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